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This action allows you to request data from a specified API in the form of a Json payload.


  1. API URL - Paste the particular URL of the API that will allow you to retrieve the needed set of data.
  2. Headers - You can specify the part of the data you want to retrieve/post/update/delete by typing specific headers. Leaving it blank will indicate the entire data set.
  3. Http Request Method - Indicates the desired action you want to perform.
  4. Get - Read/retrieve data from API.
  5. Post - Create new resources.
  6. Put - Updates within the API by replacing all the current resources.
  7. Patch - Updates by containig minor modifications to a resource.
  8. Delete - Deletes the entire resource or the specified Http headers.
  9. Response - Enabling this feature means you want the API response to be sent as a file (document or PDF) instead of as a string.

Demonstration on how to use it in a flow

  1. Drag and drop the Http Call action into the flow.
  2. Double click the name of the action if you wish to assign a new name.
  3. Click the gear icon to open its settings and configure the action. Google Docs Template
  4. Input the URL of the API that has the data you want to call or request. Google Docs Template
  5. In the headers, you can indicate what specific part of the entire data set you want to request. Leave it blank if you want to request the entire data set. Google Docs Template
  6. Choose Get from the drop down menu of the Http Request Method if you want to retrieve data. Google Docs Template


Upon executing the flow containing a Http Call action, the workflow will retrieve data from the specified API and return it as a Json payload.